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Revised Drawings of Track Rock showing New Features

When Humans First Came to the Appalachians



HRM has been invited to photo document and perform a non-invasive survey of an inner chamber of a cave which has been protected by a Native American family for multiple generations. In addition to undisturbed artifacts, the walls have Native American petroglyphs and "unkown words".The results may or may not be made public at the discretion of the owner.

4/2013 Production is underway for another program for the Indiana Hidden History series celebrating Indiana's Bi-centennial.

4/2013 Three cryptic carvings located in a cave along a mid-western river are being studiied to determine what language and their meaning. More to follow.

HRM research and video regarding Mayan travel to SE North America, is featured in a History Channel episode of America Unearthed. To learn about evidence which was not included in the program (click here)

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NEW: an article with a video explanation of the Winter Solstice of the Great Circle Mound by Donald Cochran, PhD archeologist.

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